This novelty tee is unisex and comes in men and ladies cuts. Specify your desired color. Text color on T-Shirt color. Example: white on black means white letters on a black t-shirt (as pictured). THIS SELECTION IS MEN'S / UNISEX CUT. Women who don't want a tapered cut, choose this cut. Typically the men's / unisex cut runs one size smaller than ladies. If you're a ladies large, you may want to try a men's / unisex medium. 

Thou Shall Not Try Me T-Shirt - Men's / Unisex Cut

  • This item is considered a customized item since you are selecting the size, design and colors. This item is non-returnable. Please choose your size and selections carefully. We prefer to use Gildan 100% cotton t-shirts; however, if you're concerned about the fit, please call to be sure.