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It's a travel set! The perfect gift for all ages, men, women and children! Use a photo of yourself or one of an amazing memory from your favorite vacation! 


The passport holder and luggage tag are printed in full color - front and back. They can be designed using any image or logo. You can also add a name, favorite quote, biblical message or monogram. We can design the passport cover and bag tag from scratch at no additional cost.


The custom passport holder measures 5.75" x 4" and fits U.S.A passports and most other passports. The inside is felt-like. There is a security strap to help keep the cover closed. The luggage tag is 4" x 2.75 and comes with a security strap to attach the tag to your luggage.


(Seller's tip: I sometimes use a ribbon through the hole that secures the tag to the luggage as the straps can come undone with the rough handling of the luggage by baggage handlers.)


The traveler's information can be added to the back of the luggage tag. See below for some suggestions:

- Photo with the traveler's name and telephone number (as pictured above)
- Photo with the traveler's email address only
- Photo with the traveler's email and telephone number
- Solid design with traveler's name, address, telephone number
- Solid design as stated above, plus the words "If Lost, Please Return To:" 


Perfect for: bride and groom; newlyweds, bridal party gifts, new parents, new traveler, business gifts, promotional gifts, destination wedding favors, girl's trips, guy's trips, family vacations and so much more!


During checkout please indicate how you want your passport customized. Please email the image to: after payment is made. Images should be high resolution.

Photo Passport and Luggage Tag Set

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